B Tight Reviews | Does It Actually Reduce Cellulite?

B tight, a cellulite-reducing cream that claims to make your butt perkier, smoother, and better than ever, has made it to the headlines for its burning sensation and effectiveness. After being added to Khloe Kardashian’s list, it has gained popularity. But I wanted to know the truth before adding it to my routine. 

b tight reviews

I saw random B tight reviews claiming it to be a revolutionary butt-enhancing cream that can change your buttocks into some baby cheeks. In contrast, some reviews opposed it and called it their marketing strategy to get insecure peoples’ attention. If you’re someone like me who digs the internet to find the real picture, we’re in this together. Without further ado, let’s break it. 

B Tight Reviews | Does It Actually Reduce Cellulite?

As per the official website, B Tight Lift & Firm Booty Mask promises to reduce the cellulite appearance near the buttocks and make it look firmer, radiant, and smoother for a perfect bikini day. According to the clinical results conducted by Maelys, it came to light that the butt mask significantly changed the appearance of their buttocks and thighs. 

The 56 days trial shows that it reduces cellulite, makes the skin look smoother, firmer reduces roughness. While some reviews on Amazon and Reddit were not in favor of Maelys. 

B Tight cream has been used by celebs like Khloe Kardashian and has been approved by several beauty experts. But some people experienced immense burning leading to redness for about two hours. Therefore, it has become a necessity to look into the ingredients and how Maelys react to this speculation. 

B Tight Ingredients 

B Tight has a variety of ingredients, and I couldn’t write about all of them, so I picked out some of the main ingredients in the butt mask.

Pink Pepperslim

A concentrated oil from the pink berries, Pink Pepperslim in B Tight, is used as an element to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The primary purpose of the oil is to reduce the size of the fatty deposits by busting macro accumulated fat into micro to avoid the bulky look.

B Tight Ingredients 


Just like pink pepperslim, caffeine is also an effective solution to break down fatty cells making the skin look even. Caffeine has antioxidant properties and the ability to tighten the skin. It can dehydrate cells leading to less apparent cellulite. 

Hyaluronic Acid

Nobody is unaware of the benefits hyaluronic acid possesses. It is one of the most used ingredients in anti-aging creams after Vitamin C. People take hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to get rid of cellulite. By penetrating deeper into the skin, hyaluronic acid can reduce the appearance of cellulite, making the skin look plumper, younger and fresh. 

How To Use Maelys B Tight?

  • You have to take a generous amount wherever you see cellulite and rough skin around your butt and thighs.
  • Gently massage in circular motions until fully absorbed.
  • You have to apply it twice daily for desired results.
  • As per the official website, the burning sensation you’ll feel is completely normal and can last up to two hours. 
  • They recommend you wait at least 20 minutes after showering before applying the mask. 

B Tight Side Effects

As per some reports, some of the ingredients can be concerning; the Blue 1 Lake and Red 40 are artificial dyes that can pose a threat to humans as these have toxic health effects. These dyes can be avoided as they don’t benefit the skin. 

Another harmful ingredient in B Tight is fragrance. According to the reports, the added fragrance can be hazardous and cause severe skin problems. Thus, it should be avoided at all costs. Benzyl Salicylate, also mentioned right next to Fragrance, is another fragrant that can cause side effects. 

Maelys B Tight Ingredients 

A study under the Japanese Chemical Substances Control Law states that Benzyl Salicylate is an element that can come under the “hazard 2” category with the lowest adverse effects but is still a little harmful.

My B Tight Experience 

When I used B tight, I felt an intense burning sensation that was hard to bear. I immediately rushed to wash it, and I still felt the tingling even after that. I wondered why it happened and checked the web to see if someone was experiencing the same. I found out on Reddit that this exact thing happened to a person. 

After digging a bit more, I discovered that no cream can assure you reduced cellulite without any other help. You must go a long way if you want the cellulite near your thighs and butts to be gone. I wanted to know exactly how to remove cellulite from my legs and thighs and found expensive, painful treatments. But when I asked my derm friend how to remove cellulite at home, she replied, “Exercise, cellulite massager, dry cupping, exercise!” 

I asked my gym trainer about some exercises to remove cellulite, and he came up with plenty of them. Glute bridge, crusty lunge, sit-ups, and reverse lunge were a few. 

I also found a few massaging tools that came out to be effective for me. I used a rolling pin with spikes and a dry cupping set. I maintained the same routine for about two months and noticed drastic changes! 

In a nutshell, B tight was not the best solution for me as I couldn’t handle the sensation. Some people swear by it. However, Maelys also recommend using a thin layer to avoid a harsh burning sensation. But maybe it’s not for me. 

Maelys B Tight Before And After | B Tight Reviews

It might not have worked for me, but it did for most people. I just wanted to share what worked for them.

Erica, a verified buyer on Amazon, says, “It definitely worked for me as I have minimal cellulite. It’s my third jar, and I’ll keep using it. It may not work on people with dense cellulite as it can take longer or not work at all. Also, I liked the burning as I believe the more it burns, the better it works. But you shouldn’t use it right after a shower as our pores are open, and it can burn even more.”

B Tight before and after

Bonnie on Ulta says, “I can’t waste my money on a product like this! The pain and burning were so extreme that I had to wash it off with cold water. Even after that, the pain was there, and my skin was left swollen with a big rash! I don’t even have sensitive skin, but if it can harm me, I can’t imagine what it would’ve done to a person with sensitive skin.”

On Maelys’s official website, Jess says, “I tried it for the first time, have heard a lot about it, and I must say it has worked for me so far. I love the smell and the texture of it. Also, the burning is real, but it is pretty tolerable for me. Let’s see how it goes as I’ll continue using it.”

FAQs | B Tight Reviews

Is B Tight safe to use?

B Tight legit burns, says every other person on the internet. But most of them were satisfied with the results, so it’s safe to say that it worked for most people. However, I didn’t find it quite pleasing, but I would say if you really want to give it a shot, do a patch test with a tiny amount of the product. See how it goes; if it’s okay with you, you can move ahead. 

Why Does B Tight Burn?

Maelys use pink pepperslim as one of their active ingredients. It is also found that some other ingredients, reacting with body heat, cause a slight tingling. This causes a burning sensation which can be elevated if a person has sensitive skin or a wound. 

Why Does B Tight Burn?

Can you use Maelys B Tight on your stomach?

Maelys recommend using their B Flat on your stomach rather than B Tight, but both have pink pepperslim as their active ingredient. B Tight is best for reducing the appearance of cellulite, while B Flat reduces the stretch marks on your belly. 

Closing Thoughts

With every information I could collect, I’d say that B Tight might have worked for several people, but it didn’t for me. I also don’t have bulky cellulite or sensitive skin. I would instead stick to my exercise routine and the rolling pin I bought from Amazon. 

After going through all the B Tight reviews, reports, and studies, I’d say it’s better to do a patch test with a minimal amount so you can understand the burning. If you think it’s bearable, and doesn’t leave a rash, try it out. But if you experience a harsh tingling sensation, know it’s just the beginning. If I missed anything down the way, please let me know and know that you’re beautiful the way you are!

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