Lip Blushing Gone Wrong | Why Did It Happen?

Lips, however rosy, must be fed. However, if your lips get all that redness from a case of Lip Blushing Gone Wrong, we doubt they will only be provided with ointment, creams, and pills. We all are obsessed with our lips, that’s for sure. On top of that, we are always looking for more ways to make them more pretty and presentable. 

lip blushing gone wrong

This may backfire if it isn’t your lucky day! To paint a clear picture and give you more idea on this hot topic, we have compiled the experiences of 3 ladies who were initially mesmerized by the whole concept as you were when you first heard about it. But something did not work out along the way. And it is only fair to you that if the benefits are being glorified in such a manner, you should be aware of the wrongs too. 

Lip Blushing Gone Wrong 

Case 1

Tanya Akim is one unlucky lady when it comes down to adding that perfect plump to the lips, which nowadays everyone wishes for. And let us tell you, she had to learn about the side effects of Lip blushing the hard way. She did a lot of research by reading blogs, medical journals, and editor reviews just to make sure what she was getting into. She chose a permanent makeup artist for those who had a good reputation. The day when she went for her appointment, everything just felt right. 

Akim was explained that she would be given topical lidocaine to numb her lips for 45 minutes, and all the piercing of her lip borders would go smoothly. Later she said that she felt that her makeup aesthetician should have asked her preferences about what colors or tint shades she would want to have. She did not know about this then, so she had no idea about it and kept quiet. Her beautician did not ask Tanya about this and mixed some shades alone without taking Akim’s consultation. 

real case lip blushing gone wrong

Tanya just before her 1st treatment            

real case lip blushing gone wrong

Tanya immediately after her 1st treatment

She revealed that the worst thing about her treatment was the awful pain that her lips felt, and she was surprised by how no one online was talking about this. She has a high threshold for pain but felt like she would die if the needle touched her upper lips one more time. It was only later that she came to know that the reason behind her abnormal pain was that the artist was pressing the device too hard or too deep on her lips which is a red flag. Her limbs were still mobile after using the numbing cream.

Also, experts say that more than one hour should not be devoted to this session, whereas Akim had 2 hours. It’s because the pain is traumatic for lip health after one hour. 

Her lips were so swollen on the top right side that she felt she was having an allergic reaction. She felt a lot of heat and warm stinging sensations as well. But even more surprising is that her artist told her everything was going okay and would heal in 1 week. To her shock, in her healing recovery period, her lips got more inflamed, in a deep cherry red shade. If everything was done correctly, these extra lip pigments should have vanished or shed off on the third/fourth day itself, but Tanya suffered from this for 10 days until it became patchy.

The most shocking thing was her artist called her for a 3rd session of touch-up, which was unnecessary, but Akim knew nothing about this. So she went and added more pigments. After more than 10 days passed by, she faced peeling, dryness, and discoloration of her lips. They look horrible and more patchy than before. Then she finally got some sense and reached out to her board-certified plastic surgeon, who warned her against the dangers of lip blushing.  

lip blushing before and after

Tanya’s patchy lips, even after 10 days 

Her last mistake was to start looking for tattoo-removal lasers, which would have made her lisp even darker. It’s been over a year, and she still has nightmares because of her blotchy lips. 

lip blushing

Case 2

Jade Fawkes is no insecure lady when it comes to her beauty, but she couldn’t resist the idea of tattooing her lips as most ladies out there. When she came home from her treatment, her lips were still numb and hurt significantly. She also noticed that she was getting bruises on her pucker, which went sore. After 24 hours, her lips were almost unrecognizable, as they looked like an inflated balloon. The pain was bearable over the night, but the swelling kept increasing. Then slowly, her lips got crusty, and the red pigments peeled all over. From the sides, they felt very tight. 

lip tattoo gone wrong

On her second day, she felt tingling sensations now and then, and her lisp was still tight. The swelling reduced a bit, but the scabbing continued. On the fifth day, Jade held her daughter when she accidentally put her tiny hand across Jade’s lips, which hurt terribly. They were susceptible. Even after a week, they felt sore, tight, and tender. Only days later did she receive the right kind of information on tackling these cases and their dos and don’ts. 

Case 3

Naomi Millien shared her horrifying story of Lip Blushing Gone Wrong, and it is no less than a scary movie! According to her Youtube video, it all started with the top layer of the lips being very dark, which was the only reason she wanted to do some blushing. She wanted her upper and lower lips to be of a primary or neutral shade to set in range with her complexion.

A girl told her she could do it, so Naomi agreed happily. The treatment took a whole lot of 5 hours, and Naomi shared her before-after pictures. In the post-treatment photo, her upper lip looked painted with a red gloss, except Naomi corrected that it was blood that viewers were seeing. It should have taken 2-3 hours in total. Naomi let her aesthetician know that her lips had a burning sensation and felt like some acid was dropping on them. Her jaws were hurting terribly, and her teeth felt like they would all come off, like they were being pulled down. 

lip blushing gone wrong

2nd day and 4th-day picture of Naomi after getting lip blushing treatment

On the first day, her lisp was covered with blisters, then she contacted the clinic and was advised to put cream on. But on the 2nd day, they still were crusty, so the beautician asked Naomi to put some ointment on, and when she put it on, her lips stung. It looked like some bacterial infection on top of her lips, which worried Naomi. Then she decided to visit Urgent Care.

But that time, there was some fluid coming out of her lips. Right after that, she was taken to the emergency room and admitted. Her blood pressure was so low that doctors denied her pre-medication because it would lower her blood pressure more. Her face was swollen, and she received many meds that did not work. She was told that her lisp might take 2 to 3 months to return to its normal condition. 

Proven Side Effects 

Just because you are getting it on your lips does not mean you will completely reverse the nature of a tattoo. The pain is the whole point, right? Lip blushing, too, will bring similar risks and side effects as getting inked does to your skin. However, if your luck is shining, you may only get minor side effects, resulting in swelling of lips, redness, and persisting pain.

The intensity will eventually decrease as time passes, and your lips will heal. But, the aftermath may be much worse if you have been a careless girl and not indulged inappropriate aftercare for your pucker. This makes your lips prone to infection and might lead to several unwanted situations, like, 

  • excessive or enhanced severity of lip swelling
  • Unbearable pain 
  • pus oozing out from your lips
lip blushing Side Effects 

If the individual’s infection has worsened, they might face fever or chilling sensations. There is a good chance that users face side effects other than these, which may be itchiness, rashes, scarring, bumps on the skin, uneven coloring, or any kind of blood-borne infection because of shared or unsterilized equipment. 

WebMD states that you must consult your dermatologist first if you have a history of allergic reactions because of sensitive skin. Also, ensure you visit a licensed tattoo artist who follows proper sanitation measures for your appointment. Thoroughly discuss your skin condition or any other topic, like episodes of cold sores, mouth thrush, eczema, etc, before you begging your procedure to be safe. Do not go to a random beautician because it will save you some extra bucks. This will reduce your chances of falling prey to the ugly side of lip blushing. 

Healthline has laid down that one of the most severe side effects that can be a case of Lip Blushing Gone Wrong is anaphylaxis. This is rare, but some users have previously shared that you can suffer from this just hours after getting tattooed when trying to make your pout perfect.

There is no need to feel alarmed by seeing swollen lips, as that is normal. However, if you visit other areas of your body, such as neck swelling, cheeks protrusion, and difficulty breathing, seek medical help immediately. If left unchecked, it can even be dangerous for your life. Also, if cosmeticians do not follow hygienic procedures, it can lead to hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV.

Worth The Risk?

How many different types of kissing are there? You needn’t worry anymore because no one wants to kiss you if you get this story to tell others about Lip Blushing. Be assured that this is not a plot to scare you away so that you don’t revamp the beauty of your pucker like other beautiful ladies are doing. But little known can be a dangerous thing. And the story of these victims of the Lip Blushing Gone Wrong case speaks for themselves.

If you are even a bit worried that this might not be healthy for your lips, stay away. Because the procedure may change the dynamics of your skin from the inside out, leaving it ambushed. Yes, there are also changes that you get away with safely, with your pout looking perfect, but all that money might not be worth it when you are messing with something already beautiful. 

Final Verdict 

It all comes down to individual choices and personal preferences when you face the big question of getting blushed lips under the needle. If you are someone who does not have a high threshold for pain, it would be better to step back rather than challenge the sensitivity of your own body. There will always be people who cannot keep calm, praising the treatment because it gave them all the dreamy and plumping results they sought.

On the other hand, there will also be people who have been scared enough that it will last a lifetime! But it is better to know both sides of the story before jumping to conclusions. Even these people mentioned above thought lip blushing was the answer to it all and would add more definition to their lips. So make your decision wisely, because then kissable lips will only turn into a dream which can never come true! 

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