Rosaline Smith – Founder

Rosaline’s love for skincare and beauty began as a personal journey of self-discovery. With an insatiable curiosity, she immersed herself in learning and experimenting, becoming a true expert along the way. Motivated by her passion, she launched the Lavenderous blog in 2022 to share her insights and recommendations with others.

Lavenderous quickly became a beloved space where Rosaline connected with a vibrant community of beauty enthusiasts. Her career flourished alongside the blog’s success, leading her to collaborate with top beauty brands, speak at industry events, and form meaningful partnerships with fellow bloggers and influencers.

Through her down-to-earth approach, Rosaline inspires her readers to embrace their unique beauty and confidently explore the world of skincare and beauty.

Job Title

  • Founder Lavenderous


  • Bachelor’s degree in Cosmetology from the University of Aesthetics and Cosmetology Sciences (UACS)
  • Completed specialized courses in Skincare and Product Evaluation at the International Dermal Institute (IDI)


  • Established Lavenderous as a highly regarded beauty blog, gaining recognition for expertise and engaging content
  • Collaborated with leading beauty brands to create unbiased product reviews and promotions
  • Invited as a guest speaker at industry conferences and events, sharing knowledge and insights on skincare and beauty trends
  • Regularly featured in beauty publications and media outlets as a trusted authority in the field
  • Developed a loyal community of beauty enthusiasts through engaging and informative online content

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